Caitríona is a multi disciplinary artist, living and working on the West Coast of Ireland.  Translating the unseen world of feeling, emotion and spirit through her art.  Exploring through sound, vision and words. 

Caitríona’s formally trained in design communications '98, planning to use her skills to highlight issues regarding the environment, trade and social issues.  Working as a fine artist since 2001 initially mainly in painting.   Her natural flow of work is abstract, organic, expressive and intuitive.  Resonating strongly with expressive spiritual work.

After some early commercial success Caitríona pulled back from developing her career wanting to focus on developing and deepening her practice, while enjoying her family.  She developed her knowledge of subtle energies and began to marry her natural flow of painting with thought intention and studies of place to create larger bodies of work. Reconciling her desire to work on issues by realizing her work was about working through emotions and feelings, communicating the world of energy, what we can feel and sense.

Her work is so immersed in the journey of the human being and the experiences that we encounter, her everyday life and connection are a huge source of inspiration and learning.  While pregnant with her third child she began the body of work


Present- Be here now –(2008) exploring ideas of the mind and how we create experiences, looking at ideas such as projection, what are our thoughts, our personal beliefs as opposed to what we believe as a result of fear, bad experiences, others opinions. The main purpose of the exhibition was to become aware of our own thoughts and how we can master our own minds enabling us to live more fulfilling lives.  This exhibition was a marrying of her natural flow of intuitive painting combined with the thought intention to explore and develop these ideas.


In 2011 she began applying a Goethean study approach to her work as away of attuning more deeply, working in specific areas in her hometown of Ennis. This had a massive impact on the process and development of larger interlinking bodies of work and

in the development of

“Pre’sence” 2014– an art exhibition and exploration of the energy of spirit and the transcending of blocked emotion through acknowledgement and creativity. Using physical places and personal experiences as a gateway to going deeper with feelings and transcending blocked energy


This exhibtition looked at the emotional effect of our shared history and how that is impacting us now.  Acknowledging how the structures within our societies have had a huge impact on us and how building our own energy structure enables us to live more vitally.   Leading to the installation – presence – being –flowing, - 6 - 5ft squared paintings creating a circular surround inner space,  for centering, meditation and empowment.

2015 Global Green Electric Picnic, Stardbally, Co. Clare.

and for Clare Culture Nights.



Arts trail, Electric Picnic, Stardbally, Co. Laois.

& For Clare Culture Nights.

14ft Art space created through channeled energy painting.

This creation began with the desire to let go, trust and align with the flow of universal energy.  Balance, holding our own space and flowing with life.



Arts Trail Electric Picnic, 2017.

Exhibitions: 2017.

August 2017- Gallery Café, Gort, Co. Galway.

July 2017- "Listening" The Record Break, Lower Market St car park, Ennis, Co. Clare.

May 2017-The Secret Garden Gallery, The Quay, Kinvara, Co. Galway.



Poetry and Art Exposition, The Record Break, Ennis, Co. Clare.

May - Out of the Book, The Record Break, Ennis, Co. Clare.

July 21th to 1st of September, The Universe is Mental - Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.