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Presence (full exhibition) - Launch - Culture Night 2014

Friday 10 - 4.30 and Saturday 12 - 4.30.  [Launch 4 o’clock Friday 19th September, Culture Night 2014].  Pre’sence, Parnell St, Ennis, Co. Clare. 

“Pre’sence” – an art exhibition and exploration of the energy of spirit and the transcending of blocked emotion through acknowledgement and creativity. Using painting, drawing, and mixed media as a medium to explore us as energy beings.   

 We cannot step into our true power if we do not recognize our obstacles.  We cannot realize our true potential if we are overcome by our weaknesses. 

Using physical places and personal experiences as a gateway to going deeper with feelings and transcending blocked energy. 

Acknowledging how the structures within our societies have a huge impact on us gives us the power to build our own energy structures, which allows our energy to flow, making our experience and contribution in life richer and more vital. 

 - Caitriona

Later Event: January 26